Law School Suspends Lectures Over Renowned Lecturer’s Death

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The Nigerian Law School on Wednesday, 25 October, 2023 suspended lectures in all campuses in honour of the death of one of her brightest Law teachers, Dr. Abraham Femi Afolayan, who till the time of his demise, was an active compos mentis Criminal Litigation lecturer in Abuja campus.

The disturbing news of his death came as a shocker to his colleagues in all seven campuses across Nigeria on Wednesday’s morning which necessitated the suspension of coincidental Criminal Litigation class. At the time of gathering this news the shocker-news left many people – lecturers and aspirants to the Bar confused as to the cause of his death which remains mysterious. The gathered from the reliable source that the deceased slumped during an official occasion and breathed his last in Abuja on Tuesday.

The deceased, Dr. Abraham Femi Afolayan was a metaphor of assiduity, industry, sedulity, excellence and erudition from his undergraduate days at the university of Ibadan where he bagged his LL.B(Hons.) Degree in 1984, BL. in Nigerian Law School, Lagos in 1985 and LL.M at Obafemi Awolowo university in 1999. Through the narratives from his tutees in Abuja campus (the aspirants to the Bar) who were interviewed it was gathered that his methodology to the teaching of Criminal Litigation and the simplicity of his scholarly works registered him to the hearts of his students.

Dahood Kolawole Afeez writes from the Nigerian Law School, Bagauda, Kano Campus.

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