Hon. Akin Alabi Gifts Constituents N20M For Salah

Akin Alabi
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By: Dahood Kolawole Mandela

Hon. Akin Alabi, the esteemed representative of Egbeda/Ona Ara constituents, recently spread joy and generosity among his constituents by gifting them a substantial sum of twenty million naira to celebrate the upcoming Salah festival. 

This gracious gesture from the Honourable member of the House of Representatives has been warmly received by the people of Egbeda/Ona Ara, who greatly appreciate his support during this festive season.

The generous donation from Hon. Akin Alabi has not only demonstrated his commitment to serving and uplifting his constituents but also reflects his empathy and understanding of their needs and traditions. 

The twenty million naira contribution towards the Eid-el-Kabir celebration will undoubtedly bring smiles to many faces and create a sense of community spirit and unity among the residents of Egbeda/Ona Ara.

As the Salah festival approaches, the constituents of Egbeda/Ona Ara are filled with gratitude towards Hon. Akin Alabi for his thoughtful and benevolent gesture. 

This significant donation will not only enhance the celebrations for many families in the community but also serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and solidarity in times of festivity.

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