Dear Nigerian Youth, Don’t Wait on the Government | Yemisi Olaoye

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One day, I was having conversations with my colleagues at work, and in the course of our discussion, we veered into the high rate of unemployment all over the country. We discussed how youths graduate from all our tertiary institutions without getting a stable job or employment.

One of my colleagues, who happens to be an elderly person said “The fault is not from the government, but is mainly from those who graduated without having a tangible skill.”

I strongly believe she is very correct and accurate. While schooling, what skill are you learning alongside your studies? What else can you do aside being a student?

The truth of the matter is, you can’t rely on the government to survive. It is now every man to himself. Things have gotten to that point. Gone are the days where a graduate gets employed immediately after school with a good pay, an official car, and even a house.

Graduates back then were seen as important entities; they were literally KINGS and treated as one. The reason is not far-fetched, and that is because there were only few with enormous national resources.

But now that there are millions of students graduating every year from colleges, polytechnics and universities all over the country, the labour market is overpopulated and has become the survival of the fittest.

The few companies and organisations employing are only employing on the basis of what a candidate has to offer in terms of skills and how they can help move the company forward.

As a youth or graduate, don’t wait for the government to employ you or do anything for you. Help yourself! Learn a skill that will be bringing cool cash to you, or get a job no matter how little the pay is, and source for other means to earn a living.

Endeavor not to be lazy by delaying yourself with the mindset of looking for white collar job, so you don’t wait forever. Network with people of similar interests or those that are far ahead of you.

Grow! Work, Pray, then work again!

There are numerous skills you can learn, both online and offline. Don’t wait to be pushed, push yourself. Don’t wait for motivations before moving, motivate yourself if there is none.

Be ready to take risks, fail and fail until you succeed. The government has little or nothing to offer you, just face the reality and put a stop to your unrealistic expectations or imaginations. Wake up!

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