GSM and his Adversaries!| Babawale Oke

So, the long-awaited South-West PDP Zonal Congress eventually held yesterday at Osogbo. What a lot of naysayers, eavesdroppers and negative pundits had thought would be a day of horror and shame turned out to be the exact opposite. 
This morning, the first headline on Tinubu’s TheNation is “gunshots, pandemonium rock S’West PDP Congress” Of all that happened at the venue, that was what their reporter saw. What shall we say in a land where evil is termed politics. 
What of the social media  APC family and internal disgruntled elements? One of the most infamous self-deceiving camps in the state political circle said GSM had been taught a lesson at Osogbo. He furthered that being successful in business was different from politics even when the accreditation process was underway. I thought they were busy sharing 3,000 bags of rice and 10,000 bags of semovita as Ramadan package. 
The same people mocked the Governor when the Congress was moved to Osogbo. Sometimes, I wonder if these people just act as commanded without an independent thought process. Did they think of the economic advantage of the Congress to the state if it had held here? Hundreds of people lodging in hotels… Transport… Venue and all. No, they don’t care, inasmuch as it’s against their much-hated man, they’re pleased! In most cases, this man doesn’t lose anything in your evil wishes. 
Some had said “your GSM doesn’t have a political structure that can make him win the election.” E pele o, eyin structural and maintenance engineers. Eku ise. Today, they are no more talking about structure, they’re discussing the slim margin. Win them, they’ll talk, concede defeat, they’ll shout. They’re barkers!
And some of them saw Fayose as an unconquerable god. He has been politics years before GSM and the “baby governor” had to bow to him against known tradition and party constitution. Those who have no second address describe their victorious opponent as “baby”. Father, forgive them! 
And some said he won at the Congress because he spent “big money”. Who no dey spend money for Naija politics? Is it that when you guys are out of point, you must keep talking so that your ogas can notice you?
Someone even said he would be disgraced out of the party, starting from the point of Congress and in his desperation to contest, he’ll beg some unknown parties to field. They corroborated their story by saying GSM is a bad brand and all. Toor, eku oro enu.
Well, most of them know the truth but have allowed greed and hatred blindfold them. They were earnestly praying for the other camp to win  so that they can easily negotiate the soul of the opposition party when the time comes. 
They know that if GSM and his men take over, this will serve as a turning point for the PDP in the zone but since they’re not good, recognizing a good thing becomes a problem for them. 
They want someone who is out of power lead the party to its peril while the competent and deserving leader keeps mum. Whatever evil it is they had wished for the party, they’re now the ones gnashing their teeth. 
You see, Monday’s election was just a victory over the status quo. GSM fought it and came out victoriously. Those who felt threatened by GSM’s still were bound to oppose his leadership but now, they have to concur or take a bow. 
Look, don’t let me bother saying any other truth because one’s adversary will hate one even at the point of death. 
Anyone who followed the event on Monday would testify that the party is about to be repositioned for greatness. Even before the commencement of the voting, Fayose accepted and declared Makinde as the leader of the party in the zone. At that point, the door was wide opened for peace to be birthed and GSM symbolically embraced it. That action was like an arrow into the skull of his adversaries. May they be healed!

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