Parenthood 2: How To Be A Responsible Father| Kehinde Adesiyan

As I have mentioned in the first part of this piece, parenthood simply means the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved. I focused on the roles of a mother in the first part and will now beam my searchlight on fatherhood in this article.

A lot of fathers usually think that child upbringing or teaching belongs to the mother alone. This is far from the truth! Father, let me tell you this; you can have everything you want, be an influential person and those children you don’t pay attention to or properly train could destroy all that you have in just a day. No wonder an adage says, “A child that is not trained will ruin and tarnish the image of the family”. Fathers, remember that the good child belongs to the father. So, you have the responsibility of making them good. Stop pushing the duties to the mother alone.Father

Fathers, how do you treat your children? Are you the type of father that comes back home after work and the children will start crying and become uncomfortable? Are you a type of father that goes on a long journey and your children will pray you never come back home? Dad is back the house is on fire! To be sincere, you are not helping with all these things. Do not be a father that instills fear into the children. Take your time to train them well. Your children future is too bright to be handled with levity.

I am persuading you now to please join hands together with your wife to discipline and train them well. When they become big in life, it is the pride of both of you. So, you need to be committed to the process too.

Omokehinde Adesiyan is a student of Federal University, Lokoja. She loves writing about relationships.

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