Parenthood 1: How To Be A Proud Mother| Kehinde Adesiyan

The word Parenthood shortly means the state of being patient while executing the responsibilities attached to being a parent. While some parents are with their spouses, some are either single father or motherhood. No matter the category you fall into, you are still a parent. This write up is particular about motherhood; the act of being a mother.
Before I continue, I urge you to read this message to the very last word and I am also imploring you to please read the second part of this piece that is focused on fatherhood. So, we could understand it much better. There is no joy in half knowledge. It doesn’t even profit the mind.
ParenthoodYou can as well share this with your family and friends out there.
Let me start with motherhood. A mother can also be referred to as a woman. Yes, she is not the head of the family but she decides what the family would look like because she is the neck. A man can build a house but he can’t the home. It takes a woman to do that. it is the role of the woman to clean and cook for the family.
To childbearing now, motherhood starts with you first. Bringing up a child begins with you. The way you raise or train your children will determine what their future would look like (good or bad). The kind of love, care the relationship you show them would determine their relationship with you. a child is either won or lost in their tender age. During this period of their life, you are the closest person to them.
ParenthoodIt is either you treat them as your friend so they could come back home and tell whatever is it that has happened to them out there or you treat them the other way round so they could come back home, say nothing to you. This means issues of life that are shaping their thoughts are unknown to you. Pitiably, this means that your children are dying gradually. Fine, I am not saying it is bad to treat children with iron hand, like the saying is but I am only preaching balance here.
Obviously, children are prone to some kind of unpleasing behaviors and the best way to deal with such behaviors is to be as firm as possible. Instead of yelling at them all the time, why don’t you sit them down and ask them what has been making them to act that way? Show love to them even in your anger. If you continue to yell at them, you call them all sorts of abusive names, there is nothing productive that will come out of it. I am telling you be prepared; a day is coming they won’t even see your yelling as anything again since they know that this is all you gonna do after all, so it will be very meaningless to them.
Be very cautious and courteous when you speak. If at all their behavior is going out of hands and it looks like they aren’t yielding to your advice and many more, why don’t you just go down on your kneels and pray for them? After that, speak with them and be hopeful for a change.
Aforementioned earlier, we know that no child is born good or bad, it is their upbringing that determines what they would become. Show love to your children and make them your best friend. I tell you, you will never regret it in life.
Shout out to all mothers. Thank you for reading.

Kehinde Adesiyan studies Zoology at Federal University, Lokoja. She has an unquenchable flair for relationship stories.

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