3 Things Hazard Must Do To Revive His Real Madrid Career

Eden Hazard made a famous move to Spain in the summer of 2019 – renouncing the blue colours for the whites. After spending over 6 years at Chelsea, the Belgian opted for a move to Spanish powerhouse – Real Madrid.

Of course, it was a deal meant to happen as Real Madrid are known for their relentless desire to recruit the best legs in world football. In time past, they’ve had a bevy collections of stars – who have been regarded as ‘Galaticos’.

HazardThe idea was clear in the summer of 2019. Real Madrid wanted Eden Hazard to be their latest Galatico – a poster boy, especially after Cristiano Ronaldo had already departed the Spanish capital.

However, to say it how it is, Hazard has failed to replicate his mesmerizing form in the blue colours ever since his mega move to the Santiago Bernabeu. His debut season has been plagued by injuries. That’s not to say he did himself little favour being overweight, heading for a new challenge.

Now that football has breathed life again after the global pandemic – coronavirus earlier put it on hold, Hazard has been handed a second chance to finally settle to life in his debut season. For the ex-Lille man to return to the top of his game, here are the three things that must be done:

Instill the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Mentality’

There is no doubt Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo is a huge inspiration to every footballer out there. He is often regarded as the finest footballer ever because of his premium contributions to ensure the beautiful game of football remains what the fans live for. His consistency, hardwork, winning mentality and leadership qualities make him outstanding.

So to speak, Eden Hazard of all players should be the first player to tap from the 5-time Ballon d’Or’s spring of success. He is dubbed the successor of the Portuguese’s legacy at Real Madrid but he has merely lived it. It’s time Hazard borrowed a leaf from the Juve man’s book.

Eat less and less

Hazard moved to Real Madrid in the summer weighing around 80 kilos. Perhaps, he forgot he was still a footballer and not a rugby player as at that time. For what is worth, he was not expected to carry that much flesh to compete at the arguably biggest football team in the world. It was disappointing to say the least.

This contributed largely to his floppy runs of play earlier in the season before injuries set in, complicating more, the already complicated situation.

After all, man shall not live by bread alone. Hazard should focus on this mantra to help him keep fit.

Stay healthy

Eden Hazard has visited Real Madrid’s treatment room three times already this season, a statistic that surpasses his goal tally for the club so far.

HazardFor a player to be successful at a highly competitive club like Real Madrid, he needs to stay healthy as much as he can to fight for his place. Many fine players have faded into oblivion because they couldn’t stay fit to contribute to the beautiful game.

More so, Real Madrid is a very demanding club and every downward step signals a countdown. The club’s high standards mean the fans remain one of the most impatient fan bases in the world.

Hopefully, with these three things in place, Hazard will be looking to end a difficult first season in Spain on a high and revive his career after five months of injury woes and complications.

Victor Kekereekun is a post-graduate student of the University of Ibadan and an unrepentant lover of Real Madrid.

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