Lockdown: The Influence On Relationships And Marriages| Kehinde Adesiyan

Now that there is lockdown almost everywhere; no one is allowed to go work, no one is allowed to go out, everyone is instructed to stay at home (Indoors). How do we cope with our husbands, wives and children? Wow! Good news to everyone. I am happy not just because of the lockdown, but because this write-up is going to change relationships and marriages for good. Let us look at the influences of lockdown on relationships and marriages now.

A lot of marriages are on “fire” as I speak. The word “fire” here means quarrel, misunderstanding and all other things that could lead to divorce in marriage. A situation whereby husband and wife are not in good terms. In many cases, husband for example, picks up a fight with his wife because the wife tries to show some kind of unpleasant behavior in the house. The next thing for the husband is to pick up his bag and go to work with intention of hanging out with his friends trying to forget whatever it is that has happened at home.

Relationship and MarriageLater in the day, he comes back home to say nothing to his wife and just go to bed with the mind of going to work the next day and still hang out.

Now that there is lockdown, you are not allowed to go to work, no movement and all of that, and the question now is, were you able to throw life into you home as couples? Now that you are being forced to stay at home with that your annoying wife and husband, what will you do now? Are you going to divorce the so-called annoying wife or husband? Will you keep the fire of resentment burning? Will both of you live together as strangers under the same roof? Come to think of it!

Happy HomeRead this carefully, it is high time you settled and resolved those conflicts. This is the best time to help each other by showing love and let peace reign. Whoever is faulty should apologize, even if you think it is not worth it, just do it and let peace take over.

More so, a lot of fathers are out there groaning in pains. Many of them earn their money daily and lockdown has stopped them from earning money. This alone could make them angry at everything you do at home. This is not the time to yell at him and call him names, but rather, support him financially and spiritually (prayers). It won’t last forever!

Let me say this again, take a good advantage of this lockdown to know the attitude of your spouse. Spend time together and understand each other the more. Your relationship should get stronger instead of the other way round.

Omokehinde Adesiyan studies Zoology at Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State. She has a flair for relationship articles.

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