Dear English Speaker, Leave Vocabulary, Pay Attention To Your Grammar| Segun Oyedele

To the pulchritudinous users of the English Language. (ESL) It has been a heavy burden on my heart to make my displeasure about some pressing issues in the constant use of the prestigious English language known.

VocabularyIt is not like people do not use the English language very well but in some cases, which I’ve been privileged to see online in the last few days, people have overdone things in the use of the English language. Now, there is a clear gap between speaking good grammar and mere looking up big words in the lexicon and confusing people with it. The most painful thing is that often, the so-called “pulchritudinous” speakers and writers barely know the meaning of their “physiognomy”.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a difference between speaking good grammar, which involves deliberate efforts taken towards ensuring that your grammatical components are complete and well placed. It hasn’t come as a surprise that the “pulchritudinous” speakers still make undeniable grammatical errors which are, for their “pulchritudinous physiognomy”, not acceptable.

Grammar is not all about vocabulary. In fact, vocabulary development is only a small part of grammar but it is obvious that our so-called pulchritudinous speakers want fame more than they want communication. Am I saying to be a sound and vocal speaker is bad? Definitely not. Am I condemning those that have chosen vocabulary over communication? Absolutely not. I have a handful of words that I can boast of as a body of my vocabulary too but my emphasis is choosing communication over vocabulary.

Now, if your choice is to be vocal, then do it with a sense of grammatical fulfillment. It offends to hear someone who has blown “big grammars” and make undeniable errors like “You are a pulchritudinous girl and you “has be” a good friends to me.” It really offends. Like I said earlier, it is a choice but notwithstanding, your choice has to be balanced and be listener-friendly or reader-friendly. Often, I take my dictionary and make conscious efforts to look up the meaning of words but more often, I take my dictionary to look up the right pronunciation of some English words and that’s my choice.

Apparently, I’ve discovered that I’m happier. So, my pulchritudinous writers and speakers, you are doing really well but you can do exceedingly well by polishing your grammar not always vocabulary. The English language becomes more palatable to the ears when there is a balanced combination of grammar, vocabulary and phonics. I cherish you and I want you to be great, so, speak good grammar.

Thank you and God bless you.

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