COVID-19: What To Do Daily To Have A Happy Home During This Lockdown

Times without number, people said Oh this lock down is a total mess. No going out and all. They get bored being at home all day without hope of going out anytime soon. Everything is just the same, no difference. I have heard complaints like this from different people. Although they sound somewhat weird but I understand that such people are not used to this kind of lifestyle. But we must do everything that it takes to build a happy home. Adaptation is one of the most difficult things to humans.

Well, having heard all those things, I decided to write an article on ways through which couples and by extension, every other person can maximize this period. Just like I have always said, this shelter-at-home is our sacrifice to ensure the continued existence of humans on this planet. So, let’s endure for now but pending the time things get back to normal, we can devise a way to enjoy it too. My ultimate aim is that everyone reading has a happy home.

Do you know that you can get yourself occupied with a lot of things as a couple, especially, to make this quarantine fun-filled for your home? Yes, you can!

Here are some of the things you can do to make your home an abode of joy and entertainment in this lockdown.

1. Cook together: Husband, you can make your family happy by cooking for them. Let your children see you and be happy. You know the wow! Dad is cooking feeling? Just give it to your kids. I know some men are too proud to try such. They believe going to the kitchen is demeaning. Remember you didn’t marry a slave. You can even catch some fun with her in the kitchen. And as a wife too, you can try new meals for your family. You now have time to explore and try new things. Taking your meals to the next level. Watch YouTube videos and come up with new initiatives. Let your family be taken aback every day! Keep wowing them with delicious meals. We seem to underrate the joy that comes with good food in the family.

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2.Watch movies together: You can as well spend time together by watching interesting movies with your family to make your home lively. You don’t necessarily have to get to the cinemas before you can see interesting movies. This is the time for you to catch up with those movies you missed due to work. To better enjoy it, democratize it; let every member of the family come up with suggestions of movie titles. Review them and settle for some. Unconsciously, you are helping the children to learn how to make their opinions known on issues. You are giving them a voice that will work for them in the future. A happy home is one where ideal children are raised.

3.Clean the house together: You can join hands with your wife to clean up the house. I hope you are not looking at yourself for the second time. Mr. Man, the first reason you married her was for companionship. As companions, you are mates. So, hang your ego for some time and join her to get the house cleaned. You know that we all need to take the issue of cleanliness very seriously this time around due to the pandemic we are fighting. So, please, don’t leave things to her alone. You can even tease each other as you clean the house. The most fulfilling smile is one that sincerely comes from one’s spouse.

4. Play games together: Play your favorite games together with your family. Stop thinking about the games you are missing with your friends. Sitting beside you is your best friend and playmate. This is the time for you both to playback those courtship period. It is time for you to renew your love and have some more fun. Engage your kids in the process too. Let them cheer you up and see how lively love can be, if shared with the right person.

Kehinde Adesiyan studies Zoology at Federal University of Kogi.

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