How To Understand Your Woman| Emmanuel Adeniran

Many relationships and homes that have broken are mostly due to lack of understanding of one’s spouse. In marriage settings, the man is the head of the home while the woman is the helper. Understanding a woman means a lot because they carry different behaviors and character. If you fail to understand your woman your home is not strong , even the foundation is not solid and it might collapse due to your lack of understanding about your woman but when you understand her, you enjoy your marriage .

Understand her and your family will be outstanding. It is mostly difficult for two people to move together without understanding. There are many ladies and women out there these days with different behaviors. Some are proud, arrogant, disrespectful and unremorseful to you because they think they are better and knowledgeable than you do. Even some are too fond of frivolous outings. While some prefer to be indoor while you give them company, converse with them on different issues of life and crack jokes.

The fact is just that learn how to understand your woman. You can understand her through a lot of things. Like the type of friends she walks with. This even will show you if she likes outings or not. You can also learn to understand her through her words and how she talks. Some women talk carelessly, while some talk with smile on their faces laced with humility and calmness. By that, one can also understand who she is.

Know what she likes and dislikes. This is important. Women are not the same, some like things you don’t even expect them to while there are some things you think they like that they don’t even like at all. Try to understand her silence; maybe, she is burning within.

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