What Will Determine The Winner Between Chelsea And Bayern- Lampard Reveals

Chelsea head coach, Frank Lampard, Monday revealed what will determine the winner between his side and Bayern Munich when they clash in the round of 16 in UEFA Champions League.

According to the Blues’ legend, apart from form of each team, players’ approach and concentration will have a lot to say on the team that eventually carries the day.

“This level of football, this level of Champions League knockout stage is a level of focus you need, absolute throughout both games,” Lampard told Chelsea’s official website.

“Tiny moments in a game like this can be so crucial. Of course we want to be at our best going into the game, hopefully in good form, but the concentration levels and how we approach it will be maybe the deciding factor.

“Because I think we should be confident that we can beat Bayern Munich but understand that they are very strong.

“[It’s] A tough draw, but a good draw. I think that we knew that when you get through the group stages you are generally in with some big teams.

“We are certainly got one. We have history with them, of course, but this will be a tie in itself that will be very testing, over two games. But we’ll be ready for the challenge.”

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