5 Ways To Embark On Self-Development That Leads To Success| Rachael Ogun

Let’s be real, self-development is not easy. It’s far easier to say that you want to embark on a journey of personal development than it is to get down to it. Can you relate?

On one part, procrastination has eaten deep into the very fabric of most. On the other, even when one makes an effort to start; we are largely convictable for lack of consistency.

I had listened to comments here and there by people who shared their journey to self-discovery. And what they all pointed to was about the journey not being easy. Imagine a lecturer entering his class to pass across a question which carries 20marks and must be submitted unfailingly the following day. Perhaps, the lecturer was just trying to make the students more accountable by stating that the assignment carries 20markes. Do you picture any student who plans to pass out in flying colour not doing the assignment? Definitely, no.

However, what happens if he says he just wants them to do self-study on the topic. We can bet that a good number of the students wouldn’t even think twice about ditching it. This is to tell you that the journey of self-development is not that simple. But you can WIN it.

So, how do you embark on self-development that leads to success?

Understand first that it’s not easy. It might not be easy to start. You are likely to get frustrated and discouraged. And that’s fine. But if you have had enough of your misery –sad, broke, tired, and stressed; you need to get set for a journey of self-development.

Narrow your focus. Success is a process. Don’t rush. So, don’t try to carry on too many at a time. Have a list, start with what is most important to you. If there is need to break it down further into bits, please do.

Set a goal. When there is a goal to work towards, every effort becomes motivating. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. If your goal is to improve your financial security by saving more, you need to be specific. Like how much saving goal are you looking towards? Let’s say it’s 500k in 6months. So, how many percentages of your income do you want to save daily/weekly/bi-weekly? Devising a saving plan is important.

Be accountable to a mentor. As the scenario of a lecturer above, a mentor’s effort is to make you accountable. But then, unlike your lecturer, self-development is only going to work if you are down to being accountable. It’s possible that your mentor has a lot on his or her shoulders and you don’t want to waste his or her time. So, realistically, if you are ready for self-development; you need to be strictly intentional. That’s what self-development is about anyways.

Wait no longer. How long will you continue to think about your self-development journey in your head? Taking action should not be delayed further the moment you decide that you are done with the miseries of your comfort zone. If you want to embark on personal growth, wait no longer.

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