5 Time Management Tips Not Taught In School| Rachael Ogun

Rich people don’t spend time, they spend money. How often have you heard something like that and wondered if there’s any sense in it?

Well, I have begun to wonder about the sense in it as well. And each time I think about it, I recall a former neighbour. Whenever there’s an occasion to attend among ourselves, he’d never register his interest in attending. No wedding ceremony, no child naming did he ever attend.

What then does he do? He sends money to the celebrant through those attending. Consequently, I was forced to engage him one day on why he would rather envelop money rather than grace occasions with his presence.

I’m a businessman. So, I have to consider the cost implication of not being on my laptop minding my business to being out there eating rice and getting drowned in endless noise of Nigerian ceremonies. So, except it’s mandatory, I would rather use money instead of time.

That ideology seems appealing. However, how many of us would be willing to let go of money like he deems necessary? The truth is it could be hard, so let’s talk about five time management tips that will help you succeed.

  1. DON’T HESITATE TO SPEAK YOUR MIND. This is one of the common killers of time. To effectively utilize time, you need to learn to say your mind. Never be afraid to say your truth if you want to move on quickly. Meetings do not have to drag on so far, people who don’t add value to your life don’t need to keep wasting your time…. But you keep entertaining shits because you are afraid to speak your mind.
  2. LIMIT YOUR COMMUNICATION METHODS. Every day, we are introduced to many social media platforms. Until now, we have telephones as the popularly used means of communication. And maybe you only have to check your mail once in a month. The case is quite different now. There is Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, IG, Twitter, and other means. The reality check is this: We are more than distracted.

If you want to manage your time, you need to limit your use of these media. The notion you probably have is that you need to be on these platforms to stay informed. That’s a lie from the pit of distraction. There is a difference between staying informed and getting distracted.

  1. DON’T MULTI-TASK. No matter how hard you try to balance, you can’t successfully multi-task. All you need is one step at a time. So much strength lies in that. You may have seen people who multi-task and you are beginning to think it can work for you too. Well, be reminded that they won’t tell you they ended up not achieving what should be their priority.
  2. SLEEP WELL. We seem to be accustomed to this mindset of “success-minded people don’t sleep.” See, being a failure is not because you sleep well. And succeeding in life is not automatically dependent on staying up all night.

Put smart work above hard work. Do you get that?

It could be true that oversleeping leads nowhere, giving yourself enough sleep is not a crime either. You need to sleep to get enough energy for your daily task. And you should be informed that effective time management has nothing to do with the length of time. It’s about optimizing the little time you have.

  1. HAVE GOAL-MINDED FRIENDS. Friends who are goal-minded won’t be down for time-wasting adventures. When they understand how time flies, they won’t suddenly show up at your door expecting you to create time for needless conversations.

Please, if you have a friend who is always wasting your time, stop trying to be a good friend. Apply RULE 1. He or she either changes or walk away. And walking away is what? Good riddance to bad rubbish. It only means you have time to care about important things.

Do you have a time management tip that has worked for you? I’m curious, tell me about it in the comment box.


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