The Power Of ‘Sorry’ In A Relationship| Olayiwola Omokehinde

Many relationships have been ruined by the virtue of this ‘sorry’. You keep doing silly and infuriating things, yet you could not say ‘sorry’.

I’m gonna lay more emphasis on the word ‘sorry’. Yea. It’s just a five-letter word but as little as it is, it is so difficult for some people to say. I don’t know maybe you can’t pronounce it or you just don’t want to say it intentionally. Moreover, maybe you think what you’ve done doesn’t deserve sorry.

After reading this article, very sure you would know how far you’ve gone to hurt yourself and your relationship with this inability to say ‘sorry’.

  1. When to say sorry: Do you know that it is not only when you offend someone that you can sorry. You can sorry, to a whole lot of things such as:
  2. When your lover is broke or depressed. He/she is in a helpless situation or position, depression and so on. You could say sorry to them. This little five-letter word I just mention could change a whole lot of things. Fine, you might not have anything to offer or something, but this little sympathy could also help in bringing the person back to their right position.
  3. When you’ve actually offended someone: You say sorry too. After you’ve realised your mistakes and you want to reconcile, you need to say sorry. Be sober for the wrong you’ve done. When you hurt your woman, say sorry to her. Ladies, too, when you hurt your man say sorry to him. Learn how to say sorry. Nobody is going to question you for that.

In order to have a long lasting relationship, learn how to say sorry. When you have any argument with him, never use an impolite or rude word. It isn’t going to change anything. Never say you gonna divorce or break up with each other. Just apologize to each other and continue enjoying your relationship.

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