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How can you grow your blog? Blogging is not that complicated, but it is not that easy. Talk about the need to be consistent, the need to publish posts that engage readers, and so on.

So, there are bucket lists of ways to grow your blog. What this means is that one size does not fit all. And while what works for others might not work for you, some strategies work anytime, anywhere.

But wait, what do we mean when we talk about growing? The point of growth in blogging is generating massive traffic. And really, you don’t know how big you are when you have an enormous audience reading your blog every day.

Most of those bloggers who are making money through blogging have come far, putting in endless efforts. The effort is crucial, and really, nothing works when you are not consistent.

Please note that valuable blogging is a successful way of reaching a large number of readers. If it is not working, business organisations won’t even be incorporating them too.

So, how can you grow your blog in 5 ways?

#1 Understand your niche.

Here is the truth: you can’t write for everybody. And not everybody will be interested in what you have to say. It’s best to know what your niche is to narrow down your blog content.

Of course, some would pitch it that being able to write about anything on your blog is superb. But think about it: there are a lot of bloggers out there churning out content every day. If you all happen to be writing on the same stuff almost all the time, who gets to win? Isn’t it better to create your market out of the competition?

Be known for one thing. In branding, the law of singularity -narrowing your focus is vital. When all you blog about is evaluating global scholarship opportunities, stick to it. When you are consistent with it, people will soon start to talk about you.

#2 Have a blog plan.

Blogging is not complicated, but it could difficult. Don’t think you can jump into it because others are doing so and making money. Why not ask about how they arrive at the juncture?

If you want to settle to blogging, after defining your niche, have a blog plan. When do you want to publish? Once a week or bi-weekly? If you can post weekly, that’s even cool.

But make sure whatever plan you decide on, stick to it. You will be surprised that your dedicated readers already registered your pattern. And when you break it, the concerned ones would ask you. It happened to a friend. He didn’t even know people were paying attention.

The point is: when you start, don’t break your own rule except the world stopped turning.

#3 Inform, inspire, and entertain.

A typical blog post does at least one of those. If you can incorporate the three, you are the boss. Respect! And creating the impression that you inform, inspire, and entertain all starts from the headline of your blog. If readers receive value from your content, you don’t have to beg them before they like, comment, and share with their contacts.

#4 Make them participate and respond. 

Avoid writing content that makes it look like the voice of your readers doesn’t matter. Give them something to chew, directly or indirectly, as they go from paragraph to paragraph. Ask them questions. Ask them to share their experiences in the comment box.

And what do you when they respond? Acknowledge the fact that they even created time out of a busy schedule to do so.

Mistakes that some bloggers make is to put considerable effort into creating compelling content. Publish it on the blog, and become no-where-to-be-found when readers start throwing in comments.

Would they be encouraged to comment next time when you have failed them the first time? Well, I wouldn’t.

If you are guilty of this, please stop doing so. Monitor the activities on your blog content. Like their comments, and reply where applicable.

Also, don’t forget to tag them in your response in case they already moved on from your blog.

When you are engaging, your readers see you as someone they can relate with confidently.

#5 Incorporate guest posting.

Bring voices into your blogs -guest posting, is one of the successful ways to grow your blog. You don’t have to go through the pain of writing by yourself all the time. Is there a topic you think might interest your readers? Maybe something frequent in search engine queries or FAQs that might prick their curiosity when a professional talks about it.

And guest posting is quite easy to do. Interact with a professional in your niche, push a question to them; record, and note their responses. Put them together, include images and even video excerpts from the interaction. And publish.

Are you already a blogger, or you are about to start? I hope you have been able to pick something from this content. You can even apply them to any of your content marketing strategies.

Don’t give up.

Your blog will ‘blow.’

Rachael Ogunmuyiwa is a content writer and editor. She loves to read and write about anything. If you are reading this, I will like to hear from you. You can reach me via or +2349093529463.

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