It’s time to make a choice for yourself.

Making a choice is just that  part of our life that we can’t do without. We must make choices in almost everything we do and for everything we want in life. Although most times we don’t get served with our choices but that doesn’t stop us from making one.

Making a choice is very important for one hoping to enter into a relationship someday.

We are supposed to know what we want in a potential partner and In the case that we are unable to know or say what we want, the choice of what we don’t want in a relationship, comes to replace it , it is a must thing to have.

It’s necessary you know things you don’t want in a partner, even if you don’t know what you want, know what you don’t want, there are reasons for that and they’re listed below :

1.It will save you from future problems : Well, since you’ve already noted out things that are no no for you, things that you won’t tolerate, you are on the safer side of not starting anything with such a bearer of those acts you don’t want in a partner, you won’t be considering giving them a chance too because you already have a red flag there.

2. It prevents you from staying back and tolerating things you shouldn’t. We know people can change, like change is constant, when they start changing from good to bad, from what you want to what you don’t want, you’ll surely get the sign and you’ll know there’s no way you’ll stay back and accept such behavior, such acts are no no for you.

3.It helps you too in being a better person: When you’ve listed out things that you don’t want in a supposed partner, things you can’t deal with, you unconsciously check yourself too to make sure you’re not what you hate or condemn, If you don’t want an unkind person, you must be really a kind person yourself.

4.It helps you in having and maintaining a standard: You don’t go below your standard, you don’t settle for less and hope to cope and change things. No. It’s not happening.

So there you have them,  are you still confused on what you want in a partner? Well, maybe you should start with what you don’t want in a partner as it’s a perfect strategy and guide to  you making a choice of potential partner. The choice is yours to make, even God doesn’t make a choice of partners for us you know, that is solely ours.

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