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To many, it still seems a cliché that the customer is the king. Well, I used to interrogate that notion too, but I must confess that I believe more now that it is true. Should a business think otherwise in this age of digital marketing and every other things, that business might as well start counting its loses and name them one by one.

Everything that makes up a successful business at this age has the customers at the centre. The few businesses who have been making efforts to be creatively deliberate understand that business methods have changed. It must be established that the first step to succeeding in this age is understanding the dynamics which digitalization has brought into business sales and marketing.

Sales have not been progressive, you keep sending mails that are unread or sent on errand into the bin, and it is just click-through without conversion, among others? Then you need to examine the efforts being pushed. Are they really right?


NOT SOCIABLE. You must have heard the good and the bad about social media platforms. I am glad I wouldn’t have to tell you anything about that. Now, let’s focus about what your business is missing out.

  • You are absent from the life of your targets. Of course, you have other ends to meet rather being on social media having real-time conversations, hash tagging, and inculcating trends into your marketing goals. But where has trying to be sales-y all the time led your business? And hey, who wants to listen to a salesman who comes to a pool party to market books? Except maybe it comes with some glasses of wine.
  • Out of sight and consequently, out of mind. Does that make any sense to you? That is the curtain that falls on any business that still chooses to stay in the old-way-of-doing-things. The new media is here to stay; look carefully and you will see the customers at the centre of it all.

NOT GIVING. If all your business has ever chanted is: “Buy me. Buy me. Buy me”, you are on a long walk to being ignored. There are so many things seeking the attention of your targets’ eyeballs. So many that annoy and interrupt including your selfish marketing efforts.

How do you start giving?

  • No one is advising that you get rid of your end goals- to sell and make profits. Here is the advice: make your marketing strategy participatory by including your targets. It could be by asking questions whose answer comes with a prize or free delivery of a purchased good. It could even be a competition of who rocks your new jean designs well among your buyers. Just anything that makes your customers a part of your brand. It makes it sweeter and better.
  • Inform and Entertain. Every of your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be about call to action. Include blogging or newsletter into your strategies. But you should be careful here; don’t do it like you are in some classrooms teaching some teenagers. There is a possibility that 1/3 of your targets has read or heard what in contained in your blog or newsletter. But who says we can’t read the same book as many times as possible? The answer is not in what you say but how you say it. Inform your customers, entertain them in few seconds, and let them feel loved in the most conversational ways possible.

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One can go on talking about every wrong business moves. But we said two, so let’s pause and breathe on them. Do not forget that they are just efforts that work, no automatic sales is guaranteed. Successful branding is always a process; enjoy it with your customers at the centre.


Rachael Ogunmuyiwa is a graduate of Department of English, University of Ibadan. At present, she’s serving her fatherland.

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