Having Low Self-Confidence? Read This, Please!

Having self-confidence and love for oneself is necessary in our everyday activities, most especially relationships. Having a feeling that you’re good enough and shouldn’t settle for anything else is necessary in our lives if we plan to have a great relationship out there, having love for yourself will affect the choices we make for ourselves and equally play good roles in the choice of partners we make too, when we love ourselves, when we know we deserve better, we won’t settle for less, we won’t just go for anybody or accept anybody.

But you see Not having confidence in oneself , not feeling like we’re good enough to deserve something better, they sure have a very bad effect  in our life choices.

And our relationships with people not just our partners are part of life choices we make. So our low Self esteem comes to play in our relationship with people.
Having low self esteem will drain every little confidence we have in ourselves, it’ll make us feel like we are not good enough and shouldn’t ever have a choice, and so we  just stay and accept any thing or anyone that comes to us.

Every human should have choices of what they want in a partner, what they want in a relationship, but you see low self esteem won’t let us do such things, there’s this feeling that we’re way out of league and so we willingly accept anyone that comes for us.Even when it’s a bad option for us, the feeling that we don’t even have a choice comes to play when there’s no self love. So how do we expect others to show love to us when we don’t even show ourselves the love? Is that possible?

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Even when we’re already in the bad relationships already, we tend not to have the power to leave, we’re stuck with the mentality that we won’t likely see any other person that’ll like to have anything to do without, because we always feel we don’t have choices, we’re not always good enough and so we tend to stick with the ones we manage to find even when we’re treated very badly.
I’ll like you reading this to know that people treat you based on the way you carry yourself , you shouldn’t expect people to treat or love you more than you do to ourselves. Set the standards for them and don’t just accept anything that comes your way.

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