Why Messi is not the World Best Player- Former Madrid Coach reveals

Ex Real Madrid Gaffer, Jose Antonio Camacho, has revealed the reason why Lionel Messi canno be referred to as the best player at the moment.

The Barcelona skipper has won the prestigious Ballon d’Or five times. He has won four UEFA Champions League titles and clinched nine La Liga silverware.

According to Camacho, until Messi wins a World Cup trophy, he cannot be referred to as the best player at the moment, let alone in history.

The 64-year-old confessed that he is a huge admirer of the Argentine star but he has to win the World Cup in order to write his name on the sand of time.

“Lionel Messi is a very good player, but you can’t be the best in the world – let alone in history – if you are an Argentinian and you have not won a World Cup,” Camacho told Spanish newspaper, El Mundo.

“There are countries with lesser tradition when it comes to world football – where winning the World Cup is not as significant an achievement as in other countries – but Argentina is a dominant force.

“No, without a World Cup, Messi can’t be the best.

“A World Cup is the best you can aspire to and Argentinians will always demand it.”

Camacho added: “He can decide a game at any time.

“There can be a total balance between two teams but he is Lionel Messi and he can break that balance suddenly.”

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