My greatest problem with Chelsea- Sarri reveals

Chelsea head coach, Maurizio Sarri has revealed his greatest problem with his squad.

According to him, it is taking longer to instill his managerial philosophy at Stamford Bridge than Napoli due to what he tagged as “English Mentality” that prioritises force over skill.

Many fans have questioned Sarri’s unrepentant attachment to his ‘Sarri-ball’ style despite having disappointing results in recent outings.

Fielding questions on the duration it will take the Blues to satisfy him with their style of play, he said, “It’s impossible to answer. Sometimes three months is enough, sometimes you need one season or one-and-a-half seasons.

“I think that if you change country, if you change football, it’s longer. Now I am in the first season in England so I started to understand something, not everything at the moment, but something. So now I realise that here is longer, it’s more difficult.

“The mentality is really different. For example, with an English player, it is very easy to have a very good intensity during the training. But it’s very difficult to have a session only about tactics.

“In Italy, it’s the opposite. It’s very easy to work in tactics, and it’s very difficult to have a great intensity during the training. It’s different. No worse, no better, just different,” Sky Sports quoted him.

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