Madrid Derby: See what Modric did to Vinicius after Griezmann’s goal

A ball given away by Vinicius led to Antoine Griezmann equalising for Atletico in the Madrid derby and he received a swift and furious reprimand from Luka Modric for it.

The Croatian was visibly upset by the goal and made his way to the Brazilian to shout at him from a distance and gesture clearly for him to be much quicker in moving the ball and in not holding onto it so much.

While all eyes were on the referee’s query to VAR over whether the goal would stand, Vinicius endured a telling-off from the No.10 for over two minutes.

The Brazilian took on board the criticism without flinching and Karim Benzema soon approached Modric to calm him down and tell him that the teenager had received enough criticism.

Modric turned and went on showcasing his anger, all the more so when Griezmann’s goal was ultimately confirmed.

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