See what Barcelona fans have been told to do against Real Madrid on Wednesday

Members of the Committees for the Defence of the Republic in Barcelona have encouraged fans to brandish and wave the Catalan flag this Wednesday during the Blaugrana’s Copa del Rey semi-final first leg clash against bitter rivals Real Madrid.

They are keen to use such a big occasion to showcase their political agenda and to drive forward their campaign for independence.

Tensions have been running high across Spain over the last few months as Catalonia continues to push for independence.

“Let’s fill the ground with Catalan flags,” said a member of the CDR.

“[We need to] use our flag to show we are serious about gaining independence.

“We need to do it for our political prisoners.

“We must make it a hostile atmosphere by booing Real Madrid and their players.”

Barcelona, as a club, are open to allowing their supporters to openly express their feelings and thoughts on the matter.

At each match, there is normally some sort of placard that is related to either independence or the political situation that is currently taking place in Catalonia.

The first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final between the two Spanish giants will take place on Wednesday at 21:00 CET.

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