What Sarri asked Chelsea players after historic defeat

Chelsea head coach, Maurizio Sarri has revealed that his players could not explain the cause of their historic defeat to Bournemouth on Wednesday evening.

The Blues were beaten 4-0, the heaviest defeat they would ever suffer since 1996.

All the goals came during the second half of the game despite the Blues leading with a 69% possession.

In a lengthy post-match inquest, Sarri asked his squad of what went wrong during the match and for almost an hour, none of them could give him any explanation.

In the dressing room of the Vitality Stadium, he sent all his backroom staff out and had a conversation with the players with the aim of finding a lasting solution to their lukewarm attitude.

“In that moment I wanted to talk with them alone, without anybody else.

“I needed to understand. It’s impossible to play in such a different way between the first and second half. I don’t understand why. I don’t know exactly. I want to try again tomorrow because we want to solve the problem.

“It’s very difficult to have an idea of the performance. We played very well in the first half. In the second half we conceded the [first] goal after two minutes and stopped playing. In the offensive phase, we played not as a team, but as individual players, and did not defend. It’s hard to understand why.

“What I saw in the first half, there was the possibility to solve the problem. We had 43 minutes still to play, so we could solve the problem. But not with that kind of reaction. So it’s very difficult for me to understand why. I wanted to try to understand after the match.

“I spoke with the players immediately after the match, but it’s very difficult also for them to say why. So I have to try again tomorrow because I need to understand why, because I need to solve this problem,” Sarri said.

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