N-Power is useless to us- Teachers urge FG to scrap scheme

The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), Tuesday, admonished the Federal Government to discontinue its social investment programme, N-Power.

The NUT urged the government to direct its attention to employing qualified teachers who would be able to deliver in the classroom.

This appeal was made by the Union President, Nasir Idris in his address at the 2019 assembly of the union, according to Daily Post.

Idris said many of N-Power recruits posted to schools across the nation were not qualified to teach and that there are many qualified candidates eager to come into the system.

He said: “There is an urgent need to recruit more teachers into our schools on a permanent basis as against the N-Power teaching program, which does not render the desired benefits and should be discontinued.

“We want something that is permanent for our profession. This N-Power is just a temporary measure and so we need the federal and state governments to recruit more teachers to man our secondary and primary schools.

“We need governments to recruit qualified teachers to man our schools rather than this N-Power programme. If you look at the N-Power programme, people that do not have the necessary qualification for teaching have been sent to schools to teach. What are they going to teach?

“We have qualified teachers that are waiting to be employed. That is why we said the government should stop that one (N-Power) let them recruit qualified teachers to manage our schools.”

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One thought on “N-Power is useless to us- Teachers urge FG to scrap scheme

  • January 31, 2019 at 2:24 am

    Those that failed to answers these simple questions are permanent teachers not Npower member in Kaduna state here is my question #WhereIsNUTChairmaThen?


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