Onnoghen: Stop being mischievous, Saraki can file a case without informing you- Olujimi tells APC senators

Senator Biodun Olujimi from Ekiti State has told her colleagues in the Red Chambers elected under the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) to stop being mischievous about the decision of Senate President Bukola Saraki to approach the  supreme court to seek for the interpretation of the law over the rights of President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) without carrying the senate along.

Senate majority leader, Ahmed Lawan, had on Monday while commenting on the issue on behalf of the APC caucus in the House distanced themselves from such decision, noting that Saraki ought to have carried them along.

In a counter-opinion, Olujimi noted that the presiding officer could prerogatively decide on whether a given issue concerning the senate should be taken to court for adjudication and that this stance was backed up by precedents.

In a statement made available to newsmen on Tuesday, Olujimi noted that “I am surprised that a few of my colleagues in the APC Caucus are spreading disinformation that they were not party to the decision to file a case seeking interpretation of the provision of the constitution concerning the President’s decision to suspend the CJN.

“Those who are saying this are just being mischievous. They know such a decision is not meant for debate on the floor of the Senate. It is the prerogative of the presiding officer and in this particular case, majority of the people in Senate leadership suggested and supported the idea. There is no precedent of when decision on whether to resort to court is referred to the plenary. And there are several cases that the Senate has been and is still involved in.

“Incidentally, those our colleagues in the APC who are spreading this dis-information are those who have been in the Senate for many years and they know the rules, conventions and practices. That is why I consider their current position as mischievous.

“What do they stand to lose in our seeking judicial interpretation of the law? I believe as Democrats and lawmakers, it should be our interest to strengthen the law and support the independence of the judiciary. This recourse to the Supreme Court will only strengthen our understanding of the law and clear ambiguities about the provision of the constitution which we all swore to protect.

“It has always been my position that Nigeria is greater than any person or party. Therefore, as legislators, we should always take position in the interest of the country and not allow partisan, party, group or individual interest to push us into taking a stand that will be counter to national interest.

“As members of the Eighth Senate, we have always agreed among ourselves to stand for Nigeria even when it is against the preference of our party. My colleagues in the APC caucus should return to this agreement. It is Onnoghen today, it may be somebody else tomorrow,” shesaid.


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