“The moment my whole world crashed down”- Higuain makes shocking revelation about himself

Chelsea newest signing, Gonzalo Higuain, has revealed the most troubling moment for him in his entire career.

The Argentine explained that he almost quit football some three years ago when his mother took ill and was diagnosed with a critical condition.

TheEcho recalls that while the AC Millan loanee was featuring for his national side at the Copa America, his mother, Nancy, was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition which destabilized him.

In order to make him concentrate on the tournament, his family decided to keep the news away from him. The 31-year-old striker has now admitted that the first thought that came to him on hearing the news was to quit football and take good care of his mother.

He said, “I decided immediately that I must stop playing football so that I could look after my mum.

“I suspected something was wrong at home during the Copa America, but it was still a huge shock when I was told the truth.

“I felt guilty, because I played in that final without knowing. My whole world came crashing down in that moment.

“I was not interested in anything else but my mum. I told her I was finished with football and if it had been down to me I would have stopped playing.

“Her reply was that when I played football it made her happy. She told me that she would not allow me to give up something I loved. She asked me to carry on for her — and I knew I had to grant that wish.

“My family and friends are everything to me. After that, comes football. People need to understand that. They see you kick a ball and they don’t think you have anything to think about outside the game,” Higuain told UK Mirror.

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