How much will Liverpool earn if Barcelona win the Champions League?

The British newspaper ‘The Mirror’ has reminded everyone, almost a year after the deal took place, that FC Barcelona still have add-ons to pay Liverpool due to Philippe Coutinho’s transfer. A fee which, if all variables are achieved, could hit €160m.

Barça agreed to pay Liverpool €120m for Coutinho last January and the various clauses, some of which have been claimed, are relatively simple for the player to achieve. The English club already pocketed €10m after Coutinho made 50 appearances for Barça.

Liverpool will get an extra €5m for every 25 matches Coutinho plays for Barça until he reaches 100. When he reaches that amount, they’ll be due one final payment of €10m.

Coutinho is expected to return to action against Atletico Madrid at the weekend and so far has made 58 appearances in Barcelona’s colours.

Liverpool also received €5m when Barça qualified for this season’s Champions League and will be due another €5m should they do it again next season.

That leaves just €5m which, I’m sure Barça will be happy to pay, is in case the Catalan club win the Champions League during Coutinho’s time at Barça.

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