“No one has done more for La Liga than Leo Messi” – Javier Tebas

La liga president, Javier Tebas, told people at the MARCA awards show that Lionel Messi has done more for the league than anyone else. The show, which is being held in the Convent dels Àngels in Barcelona, could also soon have an award in honour of the little Argentine’s legacy.

“It would depend on Leo Messi but I’d love to have a LaLiga award in his name. No one has brought more to LaLiga than him and if he finishes his career in Spain, or most of it, I don’t believe anyone has contributed more to the competition. Yes, the fact Cristiano Ronaldo has gone to Serie A means he’s even more important,” explained Tebas.

There was also time to talk about the match between Barça and Girona which he wants to be played in Miami. “Our objective, of course, is that the match is played outside of Spain. Our objective is that it’ll be played on the 26th January. I believe we have the right to do that and we’ll fight for it until the end.”

Tebas was questioned about Neymar potentially returning to LaLiga: “I would like to see Neymar in Spain again, I don’t care which team. At Real Madrid? As I said, I don’t care what team. That’s something for the clubs to sort out.”

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