Morata responds emotionally to Sarri’s claim that he’s ‘fragile’

Chelsea forward, Alvaro Morata has reacted to the claim by the club manager, Maurizio Sarri that he is fragile.

The Italian gaffer made the comment after Chelsea’s victory over Crystal Palace on Sunday.

Responding, Morata noted that improvement was a gradual process and that he is now better than before.

Morata scored brace in their 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace over the weekend, making it their 11th run of unbeaten in Premier League this season.

Sarri had expressed concern over the Spaniard’s mental strength, while urging him to work on himself.

The striker’s first season at Stamford Bridge was a mess and he admitted blaming the rain for his failure.

“I’m better,” Morata told Chelsea website.

“I think no one, only my wife, knows how big the last year was. The injury, it killed me. Now, it’s OK.

“In the last month of last season, I was down, down, down, down. I cannot be more down.

“When you touch the limit, the only thing you can do is to come back.

“I had a period where, if it’s raining, I’m angry because it’s raining. If I miss, it’s because the pitch is too wet.

“It was only excuses. It is not good. Everyone can have a bad period in their life.

“But we are famous, we have a lot of things. Sometimes people think we are not human, with no feelings, no problems.

“The important thing is to find the right balance. Now, I have, and I am very happy.

“It takes time. Because I had an injury, I was not fit when playing. But now I feel good.

“The most important thing is that, finally, I have found the right way and my head is OK.

“In football, physical condition is very important, but the head is the most important thing.

“If you don’t have the head, if the mentality is not good, then you are in trouble.”

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