Buhari does not know anything, Nigeria needs digital president- Saraki explodes

President of the Senate and presidential hopeful under Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Abubakar Bukola Saraki has once again attacked President Muhammadu Buhari.

Saraki said having worked with Buhari for more than three years, he can boldly say that the President doesn’t know anything about governance.

He alleged that Buhari was not prepared for governance when he was elected in 2015 and that Nigerians should reject his reelection bid.

Saraki made the appeal while addressing Oyo State delegates and the PDP stakeholders in the state secretariat of the party located in Ibadan, the state capital on Tuesday.

Describing the election of Buhari as a mistake, the number three citizen noted that the country needed a “digital president” who could easily flow with world leaders.

He said Nigerians have always been committing the error of electing people into places of authority based on sentiments.

While urging the delegates to support him in his bid to emerge as the flag-bearer of the PDP, he noted that out of all the candidates, he was the most qualified.

He said, “The major mistake we are making is that we vote people who cannot do it. All other countries, they look for the best candidates. If you look at other aspirants, you will see that I can do it better than all of them.

“The mistake we made is that the person who is there does not know anything. The person that is there does not understand governance.

“If you have observed, you will discover that Presidents of other counties who have visited Nigeria in recent time did not sleep in the country. They will just come for two or few hours and go back,” Daily Post quoted him.


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