Present Nigerian leaders not visionary- Saraki

Senate President Bukola Saraki has appealed to Nigerians to enthrone a visionary leader in order for the country to move forward.

According to the number three citizen, until the nation gets it right in the realm of leadership, it would be difficult for it to progress.

He also alleged that those who are currently at the helms of affairs of the nation lacked the vision that could lead Nigeria to its rightful place among the comity of nation.

While urging Nigerians to do away with sentiments, he noted that the country needs a young blood full of vision who could lead the people aright.

“The country is at the crossroad, the country has never been so bad, many of the citizens do not have a sense of belonging. You cannot have progress without unity.

“There is need for us to unite this country, there is need for us to have a president that represents everybody’s interest. A president that believes in equity and justice.

“Let us put sentiments aside, let us put a man that can deliver, let’s put a man who has shown that he has delivered before.”

Speaking in Akure, Ondo State capital while meeting with the delegates of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the forthcoming presidential primaries of the party, Saraki noted that it was high time the country aligned itself with other developed nations of the world.

“We have seen the new order in the world and the new order is that young people are the ones in the helms of leadership.

“We all talk about Asian tigers, they did not get there by chance, they got there because they have visionary leaders. It is time for us to bring a visionary leader to Nigeria.

“The greatest problem of this country is leadership because they don’t have vision, they don’t have idea, they don’t know where they want to take this country to.

“Let’s put sentiments aside, it’s time to bring in visionary leaders.”

He opined that the present leadership lacks the capacity to bring the desired change and as such, should not be given another four-year mandate again.

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“You cannot give what you don’t have. With all due respect to the leadership we have now, they don’t have it. It is time to have the leadership that is vibrant, that’s young, that’s credible, that’s courageous and determined.

“When a man has shown leadership, it’s time to give it to him.

“This project is our project and we think we have a good material to sell,” Daily Post quoted him.

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