APC is deceiving Nigerians- Primate Ayodele carpets Buhari, APC in interview

The founder and spiritual leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has berated the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for its style of leadership.

The pastor described the APC as an occult, noting that if the deception by the ruling party continues, the nation’s democracy was in danger.

Ayodele also alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari lacks the capacity to fight corruption as he was shielding corrupt elements in his party.

In an interview with Sun newspaper, he said those who defected to the APC were looking for favour and never liked the party.

His words, “Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb, Buhari cannot fight corruption; if he is not corrupt one way or the other, he has followed a corrupt party. I don’t want to mention anybody’s name.

“If you’re saying a particular person is corrupt and because of that you send EFCC after that person or if somebody does not support your agenda, you send the anti-graft agency after him, that is not the best way.

“Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb; let’s hope that the election will be conducted the same time, next year, because the election will be a bit dicey, more so, President Buhari cannot take Nigeria to the promised land.

“This is because the ruling party is creating tension; They do not want anybody that criticises them; they are bitter on any one that talks about them; they try to weaken the PDP; when they were in opposition party, they were criticising, and doing all sorts of things but because somebody is trying to put them on their toes, even from the Senate, they start fighting.

“I am not saying that they should like me, but they are not laying any precedent for the youth; what they are showing the youth is bitterness and they are not ready to help the youth to grow. They just wan to re-circle leaders.

“Anybody defecting to the ruling party is doing so because he wants favour, either because he is corrupt, and wants to be protected.

“The ruling party is deceiving Nigerians, and its style of democracy will break Nigeria. Resource control will break Nigeria and tribalism will fuel our wrath.

“People defecting to APC do not like the party, and the party itself is creating more problems for themselves, so Buhari’s second term is not too certain.

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“The ruling party is an occult. If I were the President, anybody that defects to my party will be the first person to be sent to jail. The ruling party will destroy this democracy; our democracy is at risk.

“Whoever that wants to contest against them, they frown at it because they don’t want anybody to contest against them; these are the things they are doing.

“I don’t think God is happy with Nigeria, nor its leaders; because of the blood that has been used as sacrifice, the country is not moving forward.”

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