How my wife begged Ajimobi for several hours on Saturday- Ayefele weeps as he addresses press

Famous Gospel/Juju musician, Yinka Ayefele has revealed how his wife met with the governor of Oyo state, Abiola Ajimobi to beg him not to demolish his N800 million Music House which was demolished on the wee hours of Sunday by agents of the government.

Ayefele revealed that his wife was on her knees for several hours on Saturday begging the Governor not to demolish the building and she left around 3 a.m after she was assured by Ajimobi that the structure would not be demolished. He also informed the press that the Governor gave his wife $1000 while she was leaving.

Ayefele who was in tears while reading a press statement titled “Governor Ajimobi and the Sunday breakfast disaster” said contrary to the claim by the government that the building was not approved, he has all the necessary papers of approval.

In the emotion-laden speech, Ayefele noted that he would have followed his wife to the Governor but he was on the hospital bed throughout Saturday.

He expressed shock that the government still went ahead to demolish the structure barely two hours when his wife left the Governor’s place.

Ayefele said, “I am sad that all I laboured for for almost twenty years had been pulled down.

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“Let me also bring to your notice that that my wife was with the governor till around 3.00 a.m on Saturday. She was able to meet the governor and he assured her that the building will not be demolished and as an assurance, when she was leaving, the governor gave her $1,000”.

He explained further that, “I am so sad that all my sweat had been pulled down. I am handicapped, and I work round the clock to ensure that I did not beg. My vision was to put in place an edifice that will house radio and television stations. I paid beyond normal charges to get the approval for the building. I was shocked when they said I don’t have necessary papers”.

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