2019: “My own case will be different”- Atiku declares

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has said that he will only rule the country for only a term if given the mandate come 2019.

He said this while reacting to the fears that if elected, the North will hold on to power till 2027 instead of 2023 in respect of the zoning formula.

Political pundits have said that one of the major reasons Southerners are queueing behind Buhari is in a bid to help them gain power once he is done with his legitimate two terms.

However, Atiku has assured that he will respect the arrangement and was ready to sign a document to be binding on him.

He, however, chided President Buhari for not fulfilling his promise of ruling for just a term having allegedly giving such an undertaking in 2011.

Asked by Thisday if he was ready to sign an agreement to commit to serve for only four years, the Wazirin Adamawa replied “Of course, I would!”

“I have said this before on my own initiative. I believe in it. If I am elected as the President in 2019, I give an undertaking that I would only do one term.

“Having said that, let me remind Nigerians that Buhari also gave such an undertaking in 2011, but he is not living up to it today. My own case will be different. I am prepared to sign an undertaking to do only one term.

“I am not Muhammadu Buhari. I do not make promises I cannot keep. I am assuring Nigerians that I will keep this promise. I am making it out here in the open. I am willing to sign a written document.

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“If you or any other Nigerian can come up with an iron-clad legal document that binds me, I am willing to publicly commit to it.”

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