Rejection: A good or bad experience? | Nenye Mba

It’s actually no longer news that most people get rejected in their first attempt of asking someone out.

Nobody prays for rejection, but it’s something that happens and then we just have to learn to accept it. It shouldn’t affect how you’ve been living before.
Being rejected by a girl or a boy doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, it doesn’t mean you’re actually not ever going to be accepted by any other person, no it’s not so, let’s stop having our minds on that.

You know instead of blaming yourself for not being good enough, for not being deserving of that person when he or she rejects you, why not just see it as another failed attempt and then, life continues.
In life we’re bound to make so many attempts, some will fail while some won’t, that’s how relationship is, trial and error sort of, the earlier we realize that someone we love will likely not feel same way for us and then will not like to be in any relationship with us which will bring about rejection, the better we for us.

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Rejection will always happen, it’s only some that are lucky enough that won’t encounter it, so when those of us that are not lucky enough encounter it, don’t allow it to affect you and maybe change who you used to be.

Rejection can be for our good most times you know.

Accept the rejection today and move on with life!

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