University of Ibadan prepares students for life after school

By: Akinpelu Yusuf
The University of Ibadan Career Development and Counselling Centre organized a career sensitization programme for penultimate and final year students in the bid to “prepare them for after-school life.”
Themed, fortifying the Nigerian graduates for the paradigm shift in Nigerian labour market, the programme held at the University’s Trenchard Hall.
The programme was a 4-stage sensitization session where students were taken through rudiments of entrepreneurial skill, career pursuit, recruitment trends and skills for employability.
In his address on, “Entrepreneurship: a panacea to endless job search”, Professor S.O. Adedeji of the Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan explained how students can get out of unemployment and make themselves marketable.
“You can get out of unemployment,” he said, adding that, “You need to identify your gift, and that gift will pave a way for you. You need to discover what you have. Education is simply problem solving. If the education cannot solve your problem you are wasting your time.”
He attributed some of the problems the labour market faces to the rarity of statistics and also the gap between what the university gives and what the labour market demands.
“What the university is producing is not in tandem with what the market is looking for. They are looking for transferable skills, soft skills. We admit people without considering what the market is looking for.
He, therefore, called for the need for move to review the curriculum of Nigerian institutions “to meet global standard and current trend”.
“Our curriculum as it is presently will not be able to deliver what the market is asking for; we need a curriculum review,” he simply clarified.
While speaking on the “Current trend in recruitment drive”,  Mr John Ikuemonisan, the HR Team Lead, Burgani Services, he discussed various tips on how to write a winning CV, appear before interview panel and the latest development in the world of job procurement.
“In your own little way, ensure you have engaged in something either voluntary or as an intern,” he advised.
Mr Adekunle Adekola, another speaker of the day, attributed horning of soft skills to Nigeria’s discovery of oil and her concentration on it.
“Don’t make money your priority in life. Equip yourself with the required skills. The skill that you have is like the oil the country has. Don’t forget that Nigeria has cocoa too — just like Ghana has. But where do we concentrate our attentions?”
Speaking after the event, Salaudeen Abdurrosaq, a student in his final year in the Department of Statistics, expressed his joy to be part of the programme which availed him the opportunity “to know what is expected from a graduate” and “what life is after graduation”.
“It is a big opportunity for me. I’m very happy I didn’t miss it. I have been able to learn that you must never lack both written and communication skills.”
He added: “The programme has taught me how your skills can take you to the top while good attitude can keep you there. This means that your good character is very important both in school and outside the school.”
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