Our lecturers now sleep in offices- UI cries out

The authorities of University of Ibadan have lamented the refusal of some of her retirees to vacate the institution’s staff quarters.

The Chairman of the Senior Staff House Committee (SSHC), Professor Musiliu Onilude has urged the illegal occupants to leave the quarters before they are embarrassed out of the institution’s buildings.

The don noted that the “act of wickedness”of the erring retirees has been a stumbling block to the effective performance of duties by the short-changed members of staff.

He said while there were over 400 applications from different members of staff who are in a dire need of accommodation on campus, those who were no more in the service of the school still held on to their quarters illegally.

“We want to passionately appeal to these people who have retired from the services of the university, but refused to vacate the staff quarters to please leave before it becomes very embarrassing for them. We have been writing to them, begging them and urging them to vacate the quarters, yet, they are not budged. We don’t like embarrassing people, but it is like these people want us to embarrass them before they leave”.

“We don’t have sufficient facilities to take care of these demands, yet, we have people who have retired three or four years ago still occupying the university quarters. To me , this is sheer wickedness and an abuse of privileges,” Onilude said.

The don continued, “We also have people who have built their own houses in town but are deliberately holding on to the university property on campus simply because the cost is relatively cheaper. They are not occupying those buildings, they only come there once in a while. Again, this borders on wickedness and lack of consideration for others.

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“There are staff members who are coming to work from far-away places. There are those sleeping in their offices in order to perform their duties effectively. All these people need accommodation on campus. And, you now have people who are just holding on to these property as a status symbol. This is not good. We need to be considerate of others.

“UI today has 24 Duplexes, 166 Bungalow, 146 Blocks of Flats of 3-Bedrooms, 162 Blocks of Flats of 2-Bedrooms, and 40 Blocks of 1-Bedroom flats and 22 Chalets. These quarters are presently fully occupied by 560 families. Yet, we still have over 400 requests for accommodation.

“It is against this backdrop that we are appealing to those occupying our structures illegally to please leave before we take drastic measures against them,” Daily Post quoted him.

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