How spouses can build healthy relationship| Omokehinde Olayiwola

Many happy homes have been damaged beyond repairs due to the insensitivity of the couples. Mainly, this happens when the man does not dwell with his wife with knowledge. On several occasions, there are cases in which the husband fails in his statutory responsibilities and rather shifts them to the lady. More so, some men have no spirit of appreciation; they are never pleased with whatever their woman does. More importantly, it is the principle of God that the man should love his wife with the whole of his heart.

Usually, the man boasts unnecessarily of being the head but he’s never responsible financial wise. You have to open your eyes and be ready to welcome expectations and corrections from your wife. If truly you’re the head, fulfill your responsibilities and have the knowledge to dwell with your lady—that makes you a good husband!

Moreover, you should love your wife more than your parents, friends and even your children. Don’t be after her faults and shortcomings, always be focused on the good aspects of her life; her admiring strengths. A husband must learn how to bridle his tongue. Be moderate and decent in your relationship with your wife. A good husband should always be of invaluable assistance to the wife. Learn how to forgive her. Don’t punish her so that God won’t punish you too. It is an unforgivable sin and curse for a man to raise his hands to beat his wife. Rather, always shower love on her as your favourite. Always make it a point of duty to go out with your spouse, this solidifies love!

The truth you must settle with is that, among women, there is none that is perfect. Therefore, your chosen woman needs encouragement and motivation from you. During pregnancy, stand by her and shower greater love on her than before. However, some men are full of complaints instead of praising their wives.

A deceitful husband sells himself to the devil. The bible states that “Take heed to your soul”, which is your wife. There should be a regular family meeting where you discuss vital issues bothering on finance, home care and other crucial issues critical to the survival of the family are discussed. Both parties should contribute during the meeting in order to arrive at a consensus. All these, combined, will ensure unity and progress in the family.

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