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In the entire world over, there is no particular age that is bench-marked for going into a relationship. Emotional relationship is solely based on personal decision; who to love and when to love can only be determined by the person in question. So, why the sadness and frustration on not being in a relationship? Staying single is never awkward. In fact, there are countless benefits of being single than being in a relationship where the partner doesn’t value you or your ideas. After reading this short piece, you’ll understand that you’re on the right track. So, dear singles cheer up and enjoy the moment!
You’re the master of your time
The first benefit of being single is that you have all your time to yourself; you are not under the bondage of feeling uncaring or unconcerned about your lover. You determine every activity you undertake throughout the day. You have no compelling calls to make, no emotional messages to reply to and not even night parties that might not be part of you. You sleep when you like. More importantly, staying single gives you the time to build and develop yourself without intending to please anyone.
You can attend night outs without guilt
Truth be told, relationship most times is an affliction; it limits your choices, puts your conscience on alert and deprives you of your ways. When you’re single, you can always plan and attend night outs with friends and loved ones without any feeling of guilt. Imagine you having a jealous partner who doesn’t want you to have any friend from the opposite sex, night outs become almost impossible. Apart from being weird, it infringes on your rights! Relationships like this kill silently; staying single is beneficial in every sense of it.
You have liberty to ‘flirt’ and embark on endless dates
At one point or the other, we all have some weird but good feeling of flirting; we irresistibly fall in love with that guy or girl. For the simple reason of their appearance, you need to have romance with them and move on afterwards. Being in a relationship will handicap you from doing this.
No guilt can ever set in when it’s a date. The benefit of being single is that it gives you time to explore, go out with that guy/girl, and have some few discussions and nice time, then get back to your normal life. Common, never shut the door against yourself all in the name of relationship!
You put your emotions on guard
If there is no any other worthy reason of staying single, having emotional independence is worth a reason. Confession time! While in a relationship, we are emotionally dependent on our spouses; we count on them for sympathy, joy, happiness and discuss every ‘touching’ issue with them. However, when you’re single, you need no one to determine your happiness or frustrate you due to their painful acts.
In addition, heartbreak can cause you your life. Being emotionally attached to the wrong person can be a nightmare. They play with your emotions, depress you, shatter your dreams and run away whereas a single doesn’t have those ‘risky’ feelings to battle with.

You’re always connected with friends
“I will try to be in touch and make it consistent”. The expression is not new to those who have married friends or relatives. Emotional relationship detaches you from your loved ones; you hardly have time for them, all you care about is to satisfy him/her with your time and every other resources. If you still value the company of your friends, staying single remains the best option for you.
Friends are people you can always count on and who will save you on rainy days, if this benefit will be eroded by an emotional relationship, you must first weigh the cost of it.
You have 100% freedom over your decisions
Another essential benefit of being single is the liberty you have over your decisions—whether weird, acceptable or not, you have to experiment and give a different shot at life. When making any decision while being single, no picture of any partner flies into your head to disturb or interrupt in the process. You can decide to travel to any country or continent of the world to explore, have fun and learn more, but if you have a partner, the thought of being disconnected from them will kill the lofty ideas in you. This benefit of being single cannot be traded for anything!
It safeguards your finances
What else does relationship connote if not commitment, sacrifice, unending expenses and everything revolving around money? One of the best ways not to be fulfilled in life is to rush into a relationship; it drains you of the savings you should have ordinarily used to invest and make huge impact in life. Except for gold diggers, both partners suffer with their money. You are forced to buy airtime, stay connected on social media, move out of home, buy clothing items, get hooked up with people you don’t need in life and endless gifts on different occasions!
The benefits of being single are just too numerous to be explored in a single piece but I’m pretty sure that by now, you would have arrived at a decision. Staying single is never weird, rather, it saves you from weird occurrences. Enjoy your single-hood before embarking on unannounced self-exile!

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