Policeman beats up nursing mother in Ibadan for advising him against bribery [PHOTOS]

While the Federal Government is intensifying its effort against corruption that has eaten deep into the nation, it appears that one of the major institutions that should help in this fight is encouraging it.

A policeman attached to Mokola Division in Ibadan the Oyo State capital has been caught on camera dealing with a nursing mother for asking him not to take a bribe from motorists again so as not to cause an accident.

According to Daily Post, the policeman was identified as one Kehinde Agbede.

The newspaper quoted an eyewitness saying thus “This is Nigeria where a policeman in uniform beat married woman even with her child on her back just because he was cautioned not to cause an accident because of N50.

“Hmmm, how are we sure he is responsible at home, his wife will be a punching bag. Why will people like this be in service? He ought to be in an asylum. Government please look into this!

“This happened at Mokola in front of Adamasingba. Nigeria police officer Kehinde Agbede, Mokola Division”.

See more photos below:

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