The students of the premier University of Ibadan have given the school management a 3-day ultimatum to state the reason(s) for the delay in the production of the students’ ID cards since the previous academic session in a congress held on Saturday, 22nd April, 2017.
The congress which comprised students from various halls of residence and faculties was chaired by the president of the union himself, Mr. Ojo Nifemi, who emphatically stated that the union had called for the congress to deliberate on issues affecting the livelihood of students on campus.
After many deliberations on the school management shortcoming on the production of ID cards, the congress came to a resolution of giving the management a 3-day ultimatum, which commences on Monday 24th, April, to release an official statement, stating the reason(s) for the delay in ID cards production and that ID cards must be distributed to the students 2 weeks before examinations.
Also, the congressmen would not let the congress head to the shore without registering their displeasure against a noticeable high level of victimization experienced by the students of the varsity of late at the hands of the school management. In recent times, a number of students have been expelled from the University having voiced out against the stance of the management as regards the livelihood of students on campus. The most notable of all remains the “free mote” saga which put the whole University community into a state of turmoil.
In response to the victimization of students as registered by the congressmen, the union’s president said the union had not gotten any written verdict of the expelled students from the management, and that the union could only take steps if the written verdict was forwarded to the union. However, it was unanimously agreed that yet, another 3-day ultimatum should be given to the school management to send a written verdict to the students’ union.
“If the union could not protect her members at the hands of victimization, then what is the point of having a union?”, a congressman was quoted as saying. He further enthused that the union should take drastic steps if the school authority fails to yield to their demands.
It is yet to be unseen how the school management will respond to the demands of these infuriating students, as erratic water supply also remains a stagnant issue in some halls of residence.

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