At this stage of our existence, there is nothing new under the earth of my dear country.  We live; we wail, we are quieted and we learn to abide by and by. I often ask myself if there is any joy waiting at the end of our tunnel. We are victims of what we are yet to survive.

Perhaps, the earlier a society like ours adjusts to the fact that our problems are in our blood and may not be separable without the death of everyone, those who claim relationship with righteousness inclusive.

If anyone one finds the discovery by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) a sum of # 13billion in a flat at Osborne Towers, Osborne road in Ikoyi, Lagos state wondrous, such person should be asked where he/she was from time immemorial when the wheel of this country was taken over by corruption.

         President Buhari

It becomes a matter of the righteous ones voting into power those they deemed incorruptible. Alas, see what we found; National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Rivers State government…where else can we turn to? Should we rather continue to dance to the tune of our songs of sorrow till we meet our pilot face to face where judges would be judged, where the pilot; our pilot shall eagle the EFCC.

Perhaps, this is another form of whistle blowing to warn us about the ineptitude of our banking system? In a society where one ought to be promoting commerce and industry, what is the explanation? If truly NIA claims the sum belong to it, do we now have illiterates overseeing our anti-grafts agency who do not know the difference between kobo, naira and millions? It fills my mouth like the proverbial dry fish.

What is the dignity in such act? What pride is left for NIA? It is even wrong to conclude now because the money either belongs to some cabal in this community of saints or the money on its own paid for its shelter in Osborne Towers as Sam Omatseye had queried.

Would it be wrong to claim that both EFCC and NIA need to be probed?

Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives as well as the governor of a state was credited to have said treasury looters have mental illness. Is that an insinuation that every mad person littering the streets of Nigeria was once a treasury looter?

“We are chasing those who stole our money”, Kemi Adeosun tells World Bank. First, to deal with the structure of that statement, I do not agree with its pluralism. Those who belong in that category of “we” know themselves.

Nigerians, the masses, who bear the consequences of the mental illness of treasury looters, know where they belong when the looted money are eventually recovered.

What has happened to the headless chasing in the past? Those who were named, what has been done to them? Those whose names were not mentioned, did they suddenly become superior to the rule of law? Nigeria, we hail thee!

Even the incorruptible office of the Senate President of the country finds the naming ceremony of owner(s) of the money found in Ikoyi necessary. If the case will just be a graveyard affair after, the power that be knows.

I laughed though when I heard the call for naming by the Senate President. Would it be befitting to tag this as an open door for a pot to call the kettle black?

Yet, it may be another wailing that may soon die given the precedence of our judicial system with corruption cases.

If the claim of NIA to the money has an element of truth in it, then I ask, is there any sincerity in our fights against corruption?

Meanwhile, I want to commend the effort of the Federal Government and other agencies for the fixing of the Abuja airport in six weeks. Nigerians hope that the same zeal would be poured on projects that serve the masses.

Every Nigerian does not live in Abuja, the majority has never boarded a plane before and the hope of many to board one has been ambushed. The roads much travelled daily are blood-sucking due to its dilapidated state.

When many a Nigerian is applauding the government on the six weeks prompt delivery, it is thus saddening to hear from the Minister of Defense, Dan Ali, that the rescue of the remaining Chibok girls could take years.

Despite Obi Ezekwesili’s verbal beating of the Federal Government comes a comic relief from the Minister of

Credit: Vanguardngr

Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, that Nigerians elected a responsive, responsible and capable Federal Government that deserves re-election in 2019.

Tears, Africa! As Reverend King faces his death sentence soon according to reports, I hope that the Federal Government would dry our tears by compensating us with two thieves from the list of treasury looters they possess.

It is not worthy for such a man like King to die without two thieves to accompany him.

Good news Nigerians, a London-based organization had said Nigeria has finally moved out of recession. Tell me, how are the prices of things in your own environment?



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