It seems this is now the order of the day among the youth. No one cares about snatching one another’s lovers. In fact, it seems it’s the latest fun in vogue. You also don’t see anything wrong in it right? After all, they are not married yet and someone also did that to you and you want to do yours too, okay o. wehdone! There are some pertinent questions you need to ask yourself which revolve round YOU and NOT you ALONE. Don’t you think you’re being selfish with that decision of yours? Boo snatching has a catastrophic effect on people. It has led to broken relationships among friends and it has even made some people to commit suicide.

Even on your own part, you may be insulted, disgraced at all places. The question is will you be able to withstand the insults, disgrace and abuse? I beseech you not to try this and if you’ve been involving yourself in that evil act, please quit. It destroys many things! It restricts your freedom of movement and even, speech. It taints your image and punctures your tomorrow. You may be given a name called ‘boo snatcher.’

Actually, your friend’s boo may even be the one that will ask you out, but wisdom must take its central place in this instance. You need to make your stance known to him and call him back to his senses and not behave like a wretched one. You shouldn’t sell out your friendship due to an illicit act as such. I have seen absurd and bizarre situations whereby a person who is called to settle a misunderstanding between her friend and her boo ends up settling down with the boo. This is the true definition of wretchedness. Please, avoid that lackadaisical idea. You shouldn’t think of yourself alone at all times, respect other people’s feelings too. Remember, even if this doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean the whole world to the other person involved!


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.


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