Whistleblowing helping fight against corruption – Keyamo

Human Rights lawyer and activist, Festus Keyamo, has applauded the whistleblowing policy of the Federal Government as an effective tool in fighting corruption.

Keyamo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Lagos, that the various revelations about money stashed and abandoned in some places were the positive effect of the whistle blowing.

“People are now ready to blow whistle, the populace now have confidence in assisting the government to fight corruption through whistleblowing.

“The war against corruption which seemed to be lost is now turning back to a win situation and revival for the country. The only warning is that we are not yet there but we have taken a huge step forward.

“Whistleblowing is very good and everybody is now a watchdog. I commend the policy, a situation whereby everybody can raise alarm and also alert the Economic Financial and Crime Commission (EFCC).

“We are gradually winning but we are not there yet as there are many things to be done in this regard,’’ he said.

Keyamo said that though whistleblowing had recorded some success stories, there must be diligent investigation before trial in court to forestall loss of corruption cases.

“The second part of the anti-corruption fight is that we must strengthen the arm of prosecution if we don’t want corruption cases as an exercise in futility.

“The investigative part of the alleged crime must be diligent so that by the time people are taken to court, the case is solid enough and it will be easy for the prosecution to do the job.

“In most cases, by the time the case gets to the prosecutor, the case is hazardly done. But on the other way round, investigation should have been properly carried out and prosecutor will do his part.

“Investigation must be thorough before it gets to the prosecutors, it is important that investigations are well sorted out so that the prosecution becomes easy,’’ he said.

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