The risk in blind-date is a very crucial topic every youth should read and learn from. Blind-date has almost become a norm in our society these days. Dating someone you don’t see; you don’t have an inkling of where the person resides, their occupation, relatives, etc. how can you be dating someone you’ve never set your eyes on. Do you want to tell me this is courtship?

There is a wide range difference between courtship and blind-date. At least in a courtship, you’ve seen each other before you guys started dating, but in blind-date, you don’t see each other, whether by mistake or not.

What is blind-date? It can be defined as a situation whereby two lovers are dating without seeing each other. As a matter of fact, I don’t actually like this, it’s not good. First, you don’t get to know the kind of person you claim to be dating. You can’t ascertain if he’s a good or an evil fellow. Truthfully, do you want to tell me this is love? Oh, no! actually, you can love each other but you not seeing each other is very bad. Anyone doing this mustn’t be at rest. You have to be itching every day to know who the person is. You can’t just be happy, staying and loving an unseen person. I strongly doubt the possibility of this. Some people are even bold to confess that they blind-date. If you’ve created this kind of relationship, find time to meet and if it does not work out, it’s better you call it a day. Although distance never separates relationship, but at least, you still need to see each other.

Further, you don’t know the kind of plans the person has for you. You are not aware if the person is sent to kill you or help you. And ultimately, you don’t know if he truly loves you. If you are in a blind relationship and yet, you still go about it without being concerned about your future, then, you should be the saddest person.

Dear readers, blind-date is so precarious, please avoid it!


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.


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