TODAY, I wish to talk on the PPP-system of life. There’s nobody that finds true fulfilment outside of their passion. In this part of the world, most people live under suppressed satisfaction, with fulfilment being dwindled like a never nurtured dream. From my own little experience on this planet, one is punctuated for a miserable end if it ends outside of one’s passion.

Committed readers of my motivational pieces will bear witness to the fact that I’ve always emphasised the need for one to work along one’s line of passion. There are many definitions of passion, but I practically describe it as anything you do and get maximum result, yet you’re not tired and long for more. When you work all day and night on your passion, you do not pass on, you only pass on to your high level, a greater level of fulfilment, fame and greatness. There’s hardly any famous being in our society today who succeeds outside of their passion.

I know many people who have climbed mountains, read innumerable books and attended more than many seminars just in a bid to discover their purpose. Let me give you a saving hint at this point, your purpose in life is revolved round your passion. God has not created the passion in you just for relaxation but for you to work greatly in a relaxed manner. Take away passion outside of a man and you’ll see depression, frustration, lack, mediocrity, anxiety, pity and mystery written all over him.

In order to succeed and become a point of reference to generations to come, you must pursue your passion passionately. I mean you must do what you know how to do lovingly! When a man works on his passion passionately, he becomes mysterious to the world— you hardly understand him because his result level cannot be compared to his input. You see him as having more than 24 hours a day.

From the foregoing, it can be seen that I am not saying when you work along your passion, you don’t get tired, but in your tiredness, the zeal to still do more is in you. Passion rebrands a man as superhuman and places him above his peers. Please, recognise your passion and be a productive person, yes, passion brings productivity.

Laziness kills passion. This is what you must guard against. If you allow laziness to turn your body into its abode, you have a critical case of being fed, catered for, abused, and maligned in the society. Also, fear kills passion. If you allow anxiety to dictate your next step for you, you’re billed for failure.

Have you ever envied a person due to the rate he moves in his endeavour? It’s simply the power of passion in place. Do same and see extra-ordinary result in your life too.

OKE, Babawale Simon is a graduate of the Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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