This occasion marks a period when the Lord declared the power of death null and void. He proved to the whole world that all powers on earth and in heaven have been given to him. Through His death, he seized the key of hell from Satan, that is one of the mysteries of His death. Jesus was disconnected from the Father in order to reconnect us to the Most High, what a refreshing moment, what a heroic step taken by the Son with the consent of the Father!

To every believer, this period is a refreshing moment of our salvation. It speaks of the essence of the salvation Jesus brought to the world and the joy that fills the mind of those who receive it. It will be a redundancy to reiterate at this point that those who receive the salvation are those who accept Christ because He’s the Saviour!

Easter as an assuring moment can be seen in Matthew 28 when the two Marys went to the tomb of Christ, it is recorded that the guards who were placed as watchmen over the tomb to prevent the fulfilment of the coming of the Lord to the world became afraid of just an angel sent from heaven to roll back the stone. If the soldiers had triumphed in keeping Jesus from resurrecting, there wouldn’t have been any assurance of salvation for genuine Christians today. Remember that Jesus had earlier been mocked by the soldiers at the point of crucifixion in Matthew 27. So, Christians would have been subjected to all kinds of mockery today if Jesus had not risen. In fact, there wouldn’t have been any religion like Christianity today, or at its best, would have been without its potency.

Also, Thomas and some other disciples doubted that He had risen. But in Luke 24 from verse 36, Jesus appeared to them in order to assure them that He had truly risen. This can also be found in John 24. As if this wasn’t enough, He ate with them! Truly, there’s no other assuring moment any Christian can lay claim to, save this period. It defines the essence of Christianity! (1 Cor. 15) It shows that Christianity is a living religion which has metamorphosed into a way of life.

On the other hand, Easter is a refreshing moment. This season is not primarily meant for eating and reuniting with family members. It is a moment of reflective thinking about our salvation and how we lead our lives daily. We should pause at this moment to ask if the death of Jesus for our sake is still worth it or every of our actions has been nailing him again. We should work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Mary Magdalene cried at the tomb of Jesus even when the other disciples had left. The assurance of our salvation should refresh us. This is the main essence of the season. And it is not complete until we extend the joy of salvation to others; Jesus met the need and filled the void no one else could do in our lives. Also, as children of God we are expected to meet the needs of people around us. We must also restore the hope of people and give them reasons to smile again, remember Jesus first did that for YOU.

You’re also expected to demonstrate this act of magnanimity by meeting people’s physical and spiritual needs, then you can be called little Christ. This season signifies love, sacrifice, sober reflection and kindness. Extend these virtues to all!


OKE, Babawale Simon is a member of Livingspring Chapel International, he worships at Dominion City, the church headquarters at Ibadan.



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