Double-dating seems to be the new trend among youths now. They so much feel comfortable with it, without seeing any evil in it rather, it is seen as a means of catching fun, egoism and pride. For crying out loud, is this okay? This is called liability, the inability to control one’s self, speech and behaviour.

The effect of double-dating is that people you’re not supposed to move with or found in their midst are the ones you’ll always take as friends, and be in love with. And not even one or two, they become almost innumerable. Eh! Frankly, this is bad! Below are the causes and effects of double-dating;
Lack of contentment. This simply means not to be satisfied with whatever one has. Let’s navigate through this scenario as an instance. There was a guy who had just a lover. He actually had feelings for this girl so much. He never played or joked with anything that has to do with her. But on this fateful day while he was online on his Facebook page, chatting with his friends when a skinny lady sent him friend request. For some time, he left the request, he never declined or accepted it, but anytime he logged in to his Facebook page, this skinny lady’s picture attracts him. He later accepted the request and they started chatting as if they’ve been together for a while. All these occurred without the knowledge of his lover; he kept everything to himself. This guy became Facebook freak. The girl was observant of the changes that suddenly came upon her guy, and she asked him why he became suddenly addicted to Facebook. As expected, he lied that he was only reading some news stories on that platform. She didn’t utter any statement to this effect. The Facebook lovers became so much in love with each other. In fact, it was the skinny girl that wooed the guy herself and the guy immediately answered in the affirmative.

Then, the dating started. The guy became so much amused with this girl’s behaviour and it was as if they’ve been together for long. Suddenly, the guy became tired of the initial girl and his loyalty tilted towards his new found love. What is the cause of this? Lack of contentment! The effect is that it destroys and breaks long time relationship. You need to be always contented in your relationship. The golden rule is that, you shouldn’t be enticed by anything or anybody else.

Covetousness is another reason for double-dating. Some people just have this mentality of ‘everybody should be mine.’ They are always interested in everybody. This is not good at all. A situation may occur whereby a guy would be attracted to many ladies. In this context, you shouldn’t give attention to the all. It even baffles me how people manage to date more than a guy or girl. Are you not disturbed at all? How do you satisfy the needs of all the parties? Are you always there anytime you’re needed by the two? How do you bear with their ugly parts? And most ultimately, how do you picture the in your future? You need to deeply think about these questions. It is very easy to transfer the aggression of one to the other.

The fact is people will come, whether you’re in a relationship or not, but you can always keep them as friends and good friends for that matter instead of answering them in the affirmative. You may later discover that they just needed someone to talk and relate with when they came to you at first. Double-dating only makes you do more than yourself. It sometimes pushes you into doing the unthinkable. The fact is that you double-date for the fun of it. And why should you hurt yourself in the process of having fun, has this not depicted you as being foolish?

Confusion can sometimes lead to double-dating. They both came almost at the same time and you don’t know who to choose between them because they both have their unimaginable peculiarities that draw your heart to them. Here, if the only thing you think of doing is to accept them, then, you’ve missed it! Recall all the questions asked above, will you be able to fulfil them? If for the reason of wanting to satisfy both of them, you dissatisfy yourself, then you become the greatest fool in the game of love. If you’re confused beyond measures when they both propose, you may do well by discarding both than putting yourself in the bondage of accepting both!

Do you still recall what I said to you under the topic ‘5 ways to have a lasting and healthy relationship’?— give laughter to all but one; give cheeks to all but lips to one, give love to one but love to one, and finally, let everybody love you while you should love ONE!


ADESIYAN OLAYIWOLA OMOKEHINDE is a high school student. She resides in Ibadan and loves scribbling on relationship.


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  • April 16, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    But wat if ur bf change all of d sudden wat will one do if u don’t wanna double date


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