What will be the world after today? How have things gone so normal that the society no longer shun at anything? The youths have lost their senses and the elders have been deprived of any sane strength to correct the many ills.

Many a times, we hide under the fact that we are minding our business to let many things pass through our noses. The world is going insane and we may end up with nothing but chaos.

Let us talk about the youths who have become heroes of much madness without shame. Just recently, I was in Kenneth Mellanby Hall, University of Ibadan to wish a friend happy birthday. He stays on the finalist block and one would expect that someone who had spent close to four years in a university environment should have become better in character and learning.

What greeted me was horrible smell of the big brother of cigarette called Weed. Well, the madness of this world taking clue from Awoonnor’s SONGS OF SORROW seems to be heavy on every corner. Everywhere I turned, there is always an evidence of what schooling cannot do hence, the relevance of such compound words as educated pigs, motivated fools for no matter how well you nurture a pig; it remains a pig.

I wanted to imprison my nostrils but the guy who was walking beside me restrained me. “Doing so could be termed something else” he said. And I could not but ask myself, isn’t there anyone who would speak out to save the lives of these ones from destruction.

I am not a new comer in this world. In fact, I have been here long enough to be inducted into few of its acts but what happens the day after today?

What generation are we breeding, what normalcy have we left to betroth unto those coming after us?

If schooling was the solution, we should not be where we are today. We should not be seeing educated fools who are boldly faced with the imprint that smokers are liable to die young yet lit the match to inhale smoke in honour of their own funeral…

Again, I am reminded of the gist I got that some students in my department were arrested by the University Security officers popularly referred to as “Abefele” as someone had reported them for smoking and sales of Weed.

The source had it that they were asked to call and summon their parents before they could be released but they all had one story or the other to tell. While one lay claim to being an orphan, the other laid claim to being the sponsor of his schooling. “Some bahd chewdren ehn” in Jenifa’s voice.

You may want to ask what they derive from smoking weed and rather than shove it off as a rhetorical question, I think the supporting fans claim it motivates them, it crowns them with courage which is but for a fleeting moment.

The courage and motivation which in my own view is to execute nefarious acts like fights; crimes like rape, and whatever constitutes public menace. Then, we end up having MOTIVATED IDIOTS.

Some resort to taking dangerous drugs and when you query them, they give excuses of the world not being fair to them; they point accusing fingers at people and circumstances.

Even students who claim it helps them to concentrate better with school works should know better. I have not received the testimony of any student who graduated with a first class grade owing to abuse of drugs.

However, I have seen young minds destroyed, lives wrecked, ambitions catapulted with no thanks to abuse of hard drugs.

You would reason with me that there is no harm in ignorance. Permit me to recall in no quoted manner the words of an author that it is permissible if a man appears unkempt but it would be counted as madness if he still appears so after he had had access to a brush.

Our country has been in its own mess even after the exit of the colonial masters. Her independence has further left her dependent; she has failed to offer anything on a platter of gold to her masses.

However, one would except that those who have had access to a brush should know better but reverse is the case.

I remember while as a teenager, my mother would query my schooling any time I did something which those not appraise my being a student. Statement like, “E de ni e nlo school” meaning, “… and you claim to be a student” was never far from her mouth.

Many are the jobless graduates waiting on Gordot for a white-collar job, many have returned to universities for Masters Programme hoping that it would give them the job and when they eventually return, the requirement would have become a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and perhaps, he/she would return to school…JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH.

You know I laugh every day when I remember a young man who claims to be a graduate of Mechanical Engineering who cannot repair a car. When he could not get a job, he returned to school for Masters Programme. When I tried talking him into going to learn the practical aspect of his course at a Mechanic workshop, he said it was not the concern of his course of study. What an educated fool.

Our current location is a result of internal and external influences but if we fail to maximise the many opportunities which today offer in this global village of ours, the WORLD AFTER TODAY will find us guilty and sentence us to death by hanging.


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